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내 눈을 통해~

A for Arbites wasn’t open & we settled for this instead~ (at La Marelle Café & Boutique)

Definitely need a cup of green tea latte now! (at The Assembly Ground)

The Assembly Brunch~ (at The Assembly Ground)

My fav ham, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, cranberry salad all in one! (at The Coffee Daily)

Napoleon (at Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill)

Chocolate Noir 🍫 (at Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill)

Earl Grey Chocolat

My fav baked rice with salmon! (at Eighteen Chefs At Nex Mall)

拉面 at shodai koji (at Ramen Champion Singapore)

C for churros! (at The Original Churros Spanish Doughnuts)

Tai Parfait for dessert~ (at Tai Parfait)

Paw Burger for Dinner~
with @fiontwq (at Bear Bites 熊の食)

Birthday celebration for @rasinyong with @c_yanlin @kexin2811 @theahoism (at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar)

Love the chocolate & hazelnuts on the waffles~ perfect combi! 🍫 (at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar)

Butterflies~ (at Singapore Zoo)

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